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Padraic Scott

My Story

Have you ever felt the paralyzing grip of fear and anxiety? Was it so intense that you literally hid in your safe place? That was me as I hid in my bed so physically sick from my fears and anxiety that I could barely function. It wasn’t until I started working with an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner that I was able to turn my life around and realise that my life’s purpose is to pass on the healing that I received. 

As your stress coach, we will work together using EFT to help process your past traumas and present stress to bring peace and calm to your days. You can choose to no longer have to hide in your safe place and have the courage to live your life to the fullest. Work with me and together we can move forward to a peaceful life where you feel safe, confident, and happy. I am equipped to help with a wide variety of issues, however the following are my focused areas of expertise: Caregivers of children, those experiencing trauma from their past, and those currently experiencing fear/anxiety. I’m Padraic Scott and I would be honoured to partner with you.

Are you looking for this peace in your life?

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