Services & Packages

Single Sessions

A one on one processing of a particular goal, problem, or issue. During the session, we will come up with a goal at the beginning based off of what you are experiencing and how you would like it to change. We will then process and work on all the aspects around or connected to your goal. Typically about 1 hour long. Depending on size of goal and change, multiple sessions may be required.

1 Session 1 on 1
$100 dollars CAD
Paypal at end of Session

Package Deal

The same as single sessions except you are purchasing multiple sessions at once and receiving a bonus session for free. This also benefits from a momentum of processing and able to get farther along towards your goal.

Pricing is purchasing 5 sessions and receiving the 6th free.
$500 dollars CAD
Paypal before Sessions

Group Sessions

Participate in a large group session of between 5-10 individuals tapping on a specific goal. You will benefit from a phenomena called “Borrowed Benefits”, where the results you experience are increased. During these sessions do to it being a group, personal details will not be discussed.

Pricing $25 Dollars CAD
Email for Availability

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